Mobile Apps: Our speciality.

We develop apps across the core areas of the smartphone and tablet market:

  • iPad – standard and mini
  • iPhone – including iPhone 5
  • Android phones
  • Android tablets

We can also create responsive microsites, to accompany your app's launch. What about web apps?

Why get a mobile app?

The world's business leaders (Google, Amazon, News Corp, etc) now espouse the mantra "Mobile First"- and with good reason. Smart phones and tablets have rapidly become a part of everyday life.

Consider mobile apps not as a boost but as central to your brand: you need to be where your customers are.

Over 1.4 billion people worldwide own a smartphone.

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On average, US users spend a total of   2 and a half hours per day  on their smartphones and tablets.

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85% of consumers prefer to use an app rather than a mobile website.

80% of mobile media time is spent in apps, vs 20% in web browsers.

Mobile is convenient: 77% of google searches on smartphones are performed at home or work - where PCs are likely also available.

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Apps are a great way to make every day tasks easier. Give your users a helpful tool via an app, and in so doing strengthen their relationship with your brand.

Apps work offline, so your users can access your brand any time.

Apps are fast - much faster than mobile web. Use this to your advantage, to make an app a convenient, faster way for customers to access your services.

85% of US smartphone owners use their phones for social media, 84% for maps and browsing, 53% for shopping, 61% play games.

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Apps are a means to increased, continued engagement with your users. Update users with push notifications, and promote sharing by intergrating with social media.

64% of affluent users said they viewed a brand with a mobile app more favourably.

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