Creating your App

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We will provide a free consultation to discuss your requirements and establish an idea of the application you require and the steps needed to suit your individual requirements.

Whether you need an app designed and built from scratch, expansion/revamping of an existing app, or translation of an app from one platform to another, we'll work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with both the process and final product.

Don't worry - you will be speaking with someone friendly, knowledgeable and understandable – we speak both 'tech nerd' and plain English!

Potential Features

The possible features and functionality of your app is almost limitless. Our developers and designers have in depth experience in creating unique, custom functionality. Some features, however, are a common part of apps whether for monetization, communication or entertainment.

Some of the many features you may wish to include in your app are:

  • Social Media integration - eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Integration with external data input -eg Parse
  • App statistics - Flurry, Google Analytics, Omniture and more
  • Interactive maps
  • Advertisements - custom-built, or via Doubleclick, Google Adsense, iAds etc
  • In-app purchases/premium version
  • Camera integration- manipulate video and images
  • Interactive graphics
  • Security features, such as a login screen or encryption
  • Qr codes/other scanning
  • Push notifications
  • Geo-fencing
  • Games, either standalone or embedded mini-games
  • Commenting
  • Integration with text messaging
  • Play video/other media


The time to build your app will depend on its complexity and your choice of platform/s. We will provide you with a time estimate as part of your free consultation.

As a guide, you can expect it to take longer than a website. Depending on availability, we can provide additional developers in order to meet your tight deadline, for only a marginal increase in cost.

A high quality app takes time to build. When an app is rushed and poorly built, it may look fine at first glance, but will break under imperfect conditions, such as loss of internet connection or low battery. It may even function so inefficiently as to rapidly consume the phone's battery. Such issues lead to low ratings and bad reviews, deterring new users.


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