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ZeMind Studios specializes in the creation of high quality mobile software for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets.

Our choice to maintain a concentrated size means we remain friendly and approachable to work with, and can complete projects with maximum effeciency.

We create professional apps for our clients, as well as our own games and entertainment apps as ZeMind Game Studio.

ZeMind Studios is based in Toronto, Canada. However we are an international company and currently have contracts worldwide including in Australia and the US.

Founder & Lead Developer

   Patrick Weekes
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Patrick has been developing mobile apps since the dawn of the App Store some 5 years ago. Graduating from Waterloo University with an honours degree in Computer Science, Patrick has also worked in 3D graphics and image processing technologies.

Leading the Fairfax mobile team in Australia for two years, Patrick was responsible for the development of award winning apps such as SMH and Domain for iPad, before returning to Canada to found ZeMind Studios.

'...Patrick and his team made no compromises in ensuring great products were built on time, on spec, on budget... it was great dealing with ZeMind and we look forward to working with them in the future. '

- Dina Gohil
Senior Mobile Product Manager, Fairfax Media

People are more likely to share and act on negative experiences than good ones - so it is vitally important to make a good impression because bad reviews remain in the store, detering downloads, forever.

Choose us to ensure a fast, efficient development schedule and a final product your customers will love.